Friday, July 18, 2008

Wipe Out

Someone should tell this little night owl that she is not in fact the 19 year old she thinks she is. I went to a midnight showing of The Dark Knight last night. I was cranky for no good reason all day yesterday and considered just bailing on the movie. Even bleary eyed and perplexingly immune to the effects of carbonated caffeine, I'm really glad I pushed through the grouchiness. A solidly fantastic movie. Also a bit draining though-at one point in the middle I found myself thinking "wait is Batman going to lose? I think evil might actually triumph here."

I got home last night and made the fatal bedtime error of checking my email so of course I ended up in gchat conversations with far flung friends way way WAY past when I really should have been asleep. You ought not to hear birds chirping when you are setting your alarm.

So today I feel a bit like I was hit by a train. But let's see, what happened this week? Oh that's right, I got my first real chance to shine at my new job and actually pulled it out and our family got it's first every nephew. It might have been a slightly emotionally taxing few days. It's nice to go into the weekend knowing my boss left on vacation a very happy man and that I'm only weeks away from meeting the little squidlet.

Go see The Dark Knight.


tim and brandi said...

This is how I know I'm old - staying up past 11 absolutely kills me.


CoCo said...

So excited you are at a point in the new job where you can "feel" the rewards of your efforts. I'm also excited to see Dark Knight this weekend. So. Excited!