Friday, July 11, 2008


So today I'm daydreaming a little bit about some kind of island vacation when the weather here gets unbearable. New Englanders always say you have to plan a trip somewhere sunny in February or you'll go crazy.

For now though, I am planning on a nice run and early bedtime tonight and some kayaking/bike riding on the Charles until an afternoon BBQ and dancing with the girls tomorrow night.

This song is probably responsible for most of the day's dreaming...


lilcis said...

I recommend Cozumel, especially if you scuba dive. If you can afford it, head to Fiji. I know a great island resort that takes you away from everything!

I went as part of a package deal that included diving. It was about $2900 including airfare, food, dives, and accomadations. Not sure how much their non-packaged prices are. But if you can get a group of 10 to go you can get a good deal, plus sometimes the group leader can go for free. Send me an email if you're interested and I can hook you up with some contacts.

k8 said...

so funny! i am actually researching dive certification classes here in boston right now to get myself ready for a vacation! id love to hear about this resort...i'll shoot you an email!