Thursday, July 31, 2008

For Jen

Because you made me a little homesick for late nineties Cedar City thursday nights.

1. Christian Bale
2. Jason Bateman
3. Robert Downey Jr.
4. Kyle Chandler
5. Matthew Fox


Mary said...

So I had to google Kyle Chandler and then "aaawww, Friday Night Lights, of course". He is a cutie.

k8 said...

i'm so predictable. i probably could have just put "FNL Cast" and called it good.

Denise said...

Love your number one... he's made his way to 2 on my list (kicking off whoever was there before:)

Jen said...

I'm liking your number #1...Also, I have been in love with Christian Bale since Newsies! (although I refused to see The Machinist- too creepy). I am also assuming you mean hot, older, RDJ, not coked out 90s RDJ? Good times! I miss you!

Jen said...

Oops..I meant I am really liking your #2 as well....Michael Bluth? Just hot!

Jayne said...

We watched "Only You" this weekend until 2am and I remembered how much fun Robert Downey is to watch. Greg bough "Heart and Souls" CD for me and I cry in anticipation of watching it every time. I've always liked him. And Jason Bateman, mmmm

k8 said...

yes, definitely current RDJ and not the coked out version!

he really is such a delight to watch-the guy has charisma and then some. Iron Man was a really fun movie but he absolutely carried that film.

Heart and Souls-i need to watch that again. I saw the clip where they all leave him and he's crying his guts out on YouTube and I cried MY guts out.