Thursday, July 03, 2008


Spanish men-yes
Warm balmy weather-yes
Late sunsets-yes
Next to no jet lag-YES!
Not getting started until about 10 in the morning-yes
Dinners that start at nine and go until midnight-oh yes
Nine hours at a trade show-actually not so bad
The Juicy Couture booth-as bad as you think

A wee bit sad to be missing the 4th of July back in the States tomorrow but this trip has been pretty fantastical.


JS said...

don't forget to share photos - especially of the beautiful spanish guys and sunsets

Tracy said...

Please tell me you visited Parque G├╝ell. Please.

Jayne said...

Oh well, they do that 4th of July thing just about every year! I'll bet it even happens agian next year. And, Spain!