Friday, July 25, 2008


How LONG was this week? It feels like about a hundred years. My roommate and I are doing this cleanse thing inspired by my sister and although I actually feel really good after giving up pretty much every food or drink I like to put in my body at once, it also seems like time was taking it's sweet time this week.

But it's Friday, it's almost 3 and there's a party tonight. And I found this on YouTube:

I can't possibly overstate my love for nineties R&B/hip hop. I don't know that Zhane had any huge hits but I always thought their songs were so perfectly smooth. If you've gotten a mix CD from me in the last four years there is a good chance I put "Mr. DJ" on it.

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tim and brandi said...

You are so random. But random can be good sometimes. By the way, it's time to update your "location."