Wednesday, July 09, 2008

If you want to say yes

So I still don't have a nephew. I can't remember the last time I was so anxiously awaiting someting. Everytime I see and email or a text or get a call from anyone in my family I practically jump out of my skin. I just can't wait for this kid.

My sister made a CD for his baby shower that I'm listening to over and over today. Here's one of my favorites

I never get tired of Cat Stevens. But I'm tired of WAITING! COME ON LITTLE LARRYBIRD!


Cooper Squared said...

I check your blog everyday lately just to see if he has been born yet! I am anxious too! Such an exciting time!

CoCo said...

Tasha - my date remains July 6, but now I pick 2009!

Zimm said...

Cat Stevens is fantastic!

Mike said...

I can't help but smile as I hear this one

k8 said...

seriously! why is cat stevens so awesome??? i hadn't heard that one but it's wonderful.

and we do have a date for baby's mama to be induced to by this time next week there WILL be baby!