Monday, July 07, 2008

At Least I Know I'm Free

I had really good intentions to write about Barcelona last night and then I ended up blowing off life and going to see my friends Carrie and Bill at their Rhode Island beach house instead. We ate ice cream cones outside and looked for sea glass and went for a fantastic five miler through Goddard State Park this morning followed by blueberry pancakes at the local diner. Carrie and Bill always treat me like a favorite niece and their house is lovely and peaceful so it was a nice way to come down from an intense week and the jet lag that came with it. Plus this girl is always happier when there is sand between my toes.

Driving down to RI I listed to that Bon Iver CD I've been yapping about for months now. There is something so intimate about this album and I feel like you can sort of project whatever you need to onto the melodies and the lyrics. It's helped me be sad, homesick, calm, hopeful-it's been a good chameleon for me in a time when I don't feel the same thing for more then about a day at a time. Here is my current favorite...

It's back to the office tomorrow and hopefully back to some good blogging!


Jen said...

I'm just super jealous of your Spain trip...I hate being around for the 4th! We decided that our "goal" is to leave the country every year on the 4th! (We are only an hour from Canada) :)

cropstar said...

great song. it sounds exactly like what i'm feeling today.