Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Family Ties

Dear friends who read my blog,

I am not a fan of asking people to vote for things on the internet. You probably don't care about the prize I am trying to win and I burn up valuable good will for the times I want to post music or cry about boys or instagram photos of my feet in exotic locations.

However, I AM a fan of people turning misfortune into an opportunity to help other people, especially when those people are my baby brother Logan.

Uncle LoLo with Baby Nina. 

I don't have favorite siblings but I think if our whole family voted on who was the most fun, Logan would win. He is a person who can come into a room and just fill it up with light and laughter. He will chase nephews until THEY are tired. He is a devoted husband who I have actually never heard speak an ill word of his wife. He's a hard hard worker, with a sharp wit and a kind heart.

Last winter, he and his wife found out that the cancer they thought she had kicked had returned. A week later they found out she was expecting their first baby. And on the heels of this roller coaster, they got the news that Logan was a match for a complete stranger who needed bone marrow. Off they went to Seattle where Logan donated bone marrow to someone he will never meet. Doctors have been watching Kristen carefully and after she delivers their baby girl next month, they will get rid of that cancer once and for all.

Logan decided that a good way to take what could have been some dark times for their little family and spin it into something awesome would be to train for his second Ironman and raise money and awareness for the Be The Match bone marrow registry.

To reach as many people as he can, Logan is trying to get to Kona where he can elevate the profile of his cause. He's entered a contest right here on the Ironman site and he needs loads of votes to make it. If you have a moment, may I ask for your vote? You don't have to register for anything and you can once day for the next week.

Thanks friends.