Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If it ain't broke

I've said before that I enjoyed every single run on the beach during my time in Huntington and that's true. I don't think I ever took the perfect combination of weather and scenery for granted. But there is a special kind of gratitude that comes during a great outside run when you live in a place with really sketchy weather. It's been raining more then it's been shining in these parts lately.

Last night it was pretty much perfect though so I took advantage and headed out for a nice city run. There was a Sox game last night and between that and the break in the rain, the place was crawling with people. I used my summer playlist instead of my workout playlist which is always a good way to trick myself into thinking I am playing and not exercising.

My current plant based diet isn't exactly the sort you will find in any sort of training book so I didn't have quite the same kind of energy I usually do (although I have to say that otherwise, this cleanse is making me feel great!) but it was still quite a spectacular run. I went back and forth across the Mass Ave Bridge which is just about one of my favorite things to do in this city. On a bike, in a car, walking, running, in a boat-the Boston skyline as you come towards it will make your heart grow three sizes. I just love it.

I was at a baby shower this weekend and some of my married friends were venting about the sort of transient nature of a lot of people our age and how it keeps us from really getting involved in the place we actually ARE. I don't want to be one of those guys. Still figuring out what that means in terms of action but I'm working on it. In the meantime, warm summer nights are reason enough to appreciate the now don't you think?


Jane said...

"make your heart grow three sizes." you are such a clever-witty writer, i love your posts. Dusty and I went for a jog last night, it sounds really dull. We went to the nearest gas station about a mile away and back. No bridges!

Nat Attack said...


Nat Attack said...

Sigh. It's late; and my plurals aren't syncing.

Tuesdays are the new Fridays.


Tuesday is the new Friday.

CoCo said...

It really is so funny that we should swap spots. I miss those city runs more than anything.

k8 said...

hey, i do plenty of really boring runs to the gas station and back- i only blog about the good ones ; )

seriously nat, more tuesdays need to be like that. even if we all sort of thought it was wednesay.

core-honestly, we are living each others lives. what if we accidently marry each other's husbands???

Whits said...

that would be funny.

CoCo said...

well .... if that happened we at least know our paths would continue to cross and we could secretly arrange for some time of switch-a-roo!!! Good news is that if that DID happen, either way the dude's gonna be rad!

Whits said...

Amen to that.