Thursday, April 17, 2008


Facebook is giving me a complex. They have a new feature that suggests people you might know based on the amount of friends you have in common. "your friends jack, jill, sam, john, mark, lisa, ellie, marcy and henry all know trudy, don't you?"

No Facebook, I apparently don't know this person that everyone else knows but thanks for making me aware.

p.s. These things only seem to matter after midnight. When people with jobs really ought to be in bed, and not on the computer.


Mona said...

I wish a button existed where I could "reject" all of those people I should know, but don't know.


Cindy said...

But then, some of those people try to add me and I have this guilt complex about not adding them. One girl who I never met has tried to add me 5 times. I keep rejecting her and she said this last time, "Really? Are you sure you don't want one more friend? Alright, I promise not to bug you anymore, but thanks for all of the entertaining blogs- cheers! :)." I am paralyzed. She reads my blog. She sort of maybe looks familiar if I pretend. I'm a big jerk this time if I don't add her, but who keeps trying to add someone as a friend so many times? So I choose not to choose.

Jen said...

Ha! I agree 100%! I didn't even notice it until I read your post...just what I need, something else to give me a complex!

Salt H2O said...

I hate feature. I spent 15 minutes clicking the little gray boxes on them to make them go away until there was no more 'people you may know'

You poped up in that box. But there wasn't a option to add someone as your blog friend.

k8 said...

i think it's kind of inevitable Salty that you and i will meet in real life-i think we know about 100 of the same people.

cindy-that is kinda disturbing that she was so insistent. the internet it weird. and awesome.