Monday, April 28, 2008

Cut it Out

One album that will always remind me of my first summer in Boston is Cut Copy's "Bright Like Neon Love". My friend Whitney and I have tickets to see them in two weeks at my favorite venue, The Paradise. Here's my current fave off their new album. A staple of my running mix these days and maybe a light night dance party in my room or two. Shhhhh.

Lights and Music

Also, a friend just sent this to me and I simply can't keep it to myself

Lastly, who hasn't been here. This song cracks me up. Thanks Corey.


CoCo said...

Love it. P.S. I saw I'm From Barcelona tonight at El Rey. SO MUCH FUN! It sort of reminded me of Flaming Lips (remember the Wilco show in New York, but minus the strippers) mixed with a kids sing along. There was 17 people on stage (Broken Social Scene what?!) and tons of balloons and confetti and at the end the started a congo train through the crowd and then it turned into a huge circle with dance party and human limbo. Basically, if they come to Boston, go see them. You will smile!

f*bomb. said...

Is it just me or does she bear a strikingly adorable resemblance to Miss Chloe?