Monday, April 21, 2008


tagged by Lori : )

A. ATTACHED OR SINGLE? Single. Might be open to attachements.
B: BEST FRIENDS? More than my share.
C: CAKE OR PIE? Chocolate. The cakier the better.
D: DAY OF CHOICE? one that begins whenever my body feels like waking up
E: ESSENTIAL ITEMS? chapstick.
F: FAVORITE COLORS? if you look in my closet you would think it's black. my car is black too. but i like to pretend it's yellow or bright green or something like that.
G: GUMMY BEARS OR WORMS? Bears. My dad used to bring them home for us when he went on work trips.
H: HOMETOWN? The SLC is my hometown and definitely in my blood. Huntington Beach is the grownup home I picked myself and Boston is feeling more and more hom-ish.
I: FAVORITE INDULGENCE? the whole pint of Ben and Jerry's, sleeping away an entire morning, talking a shower until the hot water runs out
J: JANUARY OR JULY? July. I can't believe this is even a question. Who chooses January?
K: KIDS? like 'em. hope to have a couple someday.
L: LIFE ISN'T COMPLETE WITHOUT...Good food, good people, good laughs (copycat, what else is there??)
M: MARRIAGE DATE? someday on the floating city of New Chicago
N: NUMBER OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS? three brothers, two sisters, three sister's in law
O: ORANGES OR APPLES? I eat apples more often because peeling stinks. but i like oranges better.
P: PHOBIA OR FEARS? sirens (although now that I live in a rough neighborhood and next to a hospital complex that is sort of fixing itself), spiders, earthquakes
.Q: QUOTE? "Never go with a hippie to a second location." Jack Donagy
R: REASONS TO SMILE? warm weather, good news from friends, a compliment
S: SUPERMAN OR WONDER WOMAN? Wonder Woman. Obviously
T: TAG 5 PEOPLE. Tag yourself!
U: UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME? To quote Kelly Ripa, "I'm an open book, and if you don't turn the pages fast enough I'll turn them for you."
V: VEGETABLE? Artichokes. I recently learned how to cook them and I can't believe it took me so long.
W: WORST HABIT? Procrastination
Y: YOUR FAVORITE FOOD? Spaghetti with my family's famous cold sauce. I have to make it this week now that it's in my head.
Z: ZODIAC SIGN? She's a libra. A fire dragon libra.

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Mary said...

To this day, when I hear a siren I think of you and the obvious tension it caused.