Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Wow, I can't believe I actually put that on my blog yesterday. That was a definite overshare. To make up for it, and to assure you that I am not a complete idiot, here's one of my very favorite bands playing one of my very favorite songs.

My sister put this on a mix for me when I was moving to California a long long six years ago and it's managed to weasel it's way into all sorts of good life moments since. Fair warning to any future husband, I don't have a lot of superficial requirements of you do probably have to like this song.

Wilco is playing at Red Butte Gardens in Utah this summer and if I were you and I lived anywhere near, I'd probably be there.


CoCo said...

Sigh. That song always stirs my soul. Remember the commentary they provided at the NYC concert about how sometimes you write a song without really understanding the meaning behind it or the reasoning for it, and then it later manifests itself ... I apply that to lots of parts of my life.

k8 said...

you know that's probably why i like this song so much...not really understanding at the moment but getting it later is pretty much the theme of my life.

Dainon. said...

As me and my house, we will WILCO at the Red Butte. No questions asked.