Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Once upon a time a little girl moved from Utah to California who really liked music. The big move had her all excited to try new and wonderful things and so when she made friends with a boy who was himself a music freak, she was thrilled to sit at his feet and be taught-after all, this boy was at least 8 years older than she and had been obsessively collecting music since he was wee. Over the next year, boy was responsible for introducing girl to a wide range of artists, many of whom are still her very favorites. Then girl moved to Boston, boy got married and the magical referrals slowed to a trickle of emails here and there. Girl had plenty of other like minded sources by then and had developed her own ability to find audio gems but she still mourned loss of trusted guru.

Thankfully, boy proved that marriage and daddyhood are completely compatible with many pre-settling down and becoming a responsible adult pasttimes and he started a great blog that still manages to find treasures just a little bit before they are everywhereallthetimesothebuzz.

The lastest treat from is Fleet Foxes. For some reason Blogger doesn't want to let me post any audio files today but here is White Winter Hymnal on YouTube. I am just terrible at explaining why I like certain bands but just trust me on these guys, great melodies, great voices, great lyrics. Everyone is comparing them to My Morning Jacket and Band of Horses but throw in some Crosby Stills and Nash too. They were supposed to play here in Boston a couple of weeks ago but the show was cancelled. Broke my heart a little.

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Dainon. said...

Em and I decided that Midlake could count as a distant second cousin of Fleet Foxes as well. Hear it?