Friday, April 11, 2008

72 and Sunny

Well at least it was yesterday. I'll say this for the crappy crappy weather here, when we do get a day with sun and warmth it's like people explode out of all the buildings and everyone looks like "what, we're always running/eating/hanging out here."

I had to work all day so I missed the bulk of the sun and now we have storm clouds gathering but no matter, I have a ticket to tonight's Rogue Wave show in my pocket, no reason to get up before 10 tomorrow and Whit's birthday at Fudrucker's which for a change I don't have to just hear about later.

I'm obsessed with this song lately. I loooooove girl groups and these ladies are silky silky.


Mike said...

the lead singer has the exact same hair as em!!!! the scale is just 3 times that of em's. seriously though its the same.

Cameron said...

Yeeeeeeahhh! Fuddruckahs!

Cameron said...

oh the funny thing is. i'm logged in as cam. hahaha. that was actually me, whit. :D

k8 said...

ha, i read that comment and thought-that must be some other cameron because no way it's the one i know ; )