Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I'm pretty sure that all will feel right in the world this Thursday night at 8:30 when 30 Rock makes it's triumphant return to new episodes. I was rewatching the Midnight Train to Georgia sequence today at NBC.com and I almost wept with joy.

Here are some highlights to get you all ready for the big event..


Ems said...

yes. yes. yes. yes.

Sherpa said...

I'm almost ashamed to admit how many times I've watched the Midnight train to georgia segment. Its more than time for more 30 Rock.

CoCo said...

So here's an awkward moment: I was at a business meeting yesterday and after the yucky negotation conversations we were walking as a group to another location and the conversation became lighter, so I piped in with a "Aren't you all excited for Thursday? (pause and perplexed looks in response to my question) ... It's an all-new 30 ROCK!" Apparently I didn't know my audience as well as I thought (actually, I did, but it was more of a promotional pitch for the non-believers). :)

Kelly said...

Yay! And The Office too! Double yay!

Is it wrong that one of my favorite 30 Rock scenes is when Tracy is in therapy and he and Jack do some role playing and Jack ends up playing everyone? It is so deliciously un-politically correct and I was howling with laughter.

The Cleveland montage was pretty good too.