Thursday, May 03, 2007

Steep AND Cheap

A couple of weeks ago my friend Kimberly told me about a website that sells outdoor equipment at ridiculous discounts. Their hook is that they only sell one thing at a time, and it's pretty random. It can be sunglasses, watches, tents, shoes, heart monitors, board shorts-you just never know. They have tons of stock and they just sell it until it's gone.

Well I hate to pay full retail for anything so I was pretty stoked to find this site. You can also sign up for the daily email which comes every night and tells you what the first deal will be the next morning. I probably end up opening the email once a week or so but more often than not I just trash it without even looking at it. Until about a week ago when I actually read the copy...

The biggest problem with movies that take place in the future is their soundtracks. They either have to predict what kind of music people will listen to in the future, which usually amounts to some kind of lazer disc playing high-pitched screeching sounds, or they need to have a bunch of hippie holdouts who still rock to 60's tunes. Not that it ruins the movie, I can't remember a single song from Blade Runner but I still think it's great. Futuristic movies mostly use orchestra background and synthesized music, which is probably why I think keyboard-guitars will eventually have to come back into vogue.

Wait what? That has absolutely nothing to do with the K2 skis they were advertising. But I liked it. So when I got the next one, I was interested to see what it said.

It started raining during my run today. It's not such a bad thing, but the lightning bothers me a bit. I run around a lake with plenty of things besides me for lightning to hit, but I started thinking about my brother-in-law's dad who was stuck about 30 years ago. He was an aluminum fence salesman at the time, which should send up some red flags, and he was trying to make a sale to a young couple in a rainstorm. He said that lying on his back in the rain is the first thing he remembers. The second is thinking, "Where did that couple go that I was talking to?" Apparently they bugged out like Carl Spackler when Bishop Bickering got hit.

Are you kidding me? They just write some goofy paragraph about whatever and slap it in the email??


Because now I am addicted. Check out this gem from last night:

I saw a guy who's blind beat the first two stages of Super Mario Brothers in an online video today, and it inspired me to play the game after I finished work. I've never beaten Super Mario before, but I've also never drawn inspiration from online videos, so I figured it was appropriate. I made it to World 8-2, which is the best I've ever done after being hamstrung on World 8-1 for awhile. I just wish I could find the gun for Duck Hunt.

They've got me eagerly anticipating the story, and thus almost always clicking onto the site to check out the deal.

I think I have a crush on you funny, sporty, marketing savvy Steep and Cheap email guy.


Jefe said...

2 things...
1- is this legit, because I'm looking at the page and it's, well, I don't know, I hope it's true, because like you, I refuse to pay retail price if at all possible.

2- WOW, even if it's a scam those emails are worth. Plus the page has all sorts of weird statements like that as well.

Jayne said...

Wow, I went to this to see what you
meant, and there were some kind of odd but maybe super comfortable shoes, I clicked away to read some emails and when I came back they were gone! Act fast if there's a thing that looks good.

k8 said...

well Michelle King of KUTV2 says it's legit!!

Kind of awesome that it turns out this is a Utah company! Someone must know who writes those emails!

Zachariah said...

I love that site. You can send them an IM at any time with the words "Whats up" and it will tell you what the current deal is. Not as entertaining as the emails you've discovered, but still pretty cool.

Jefe said...

Wow, you do your homework. Come work for me, I could use someone like you...Wait, I don't own my own company.