Friday, May 18, 2007

Reality Check

It's been an emotional week folks.

Rory got a job and left really suddenly, Luke and Lorelie finally got together, JD and Eliot might be hooking up and Jim left New York and drove straight back to Scranton when he realized that he wanted Pam in his ten year plan. Oh, and George failed his intern exam.

If you can't tell, I'm talking about season/series finale week on television. I'm not sure why but I was particularly affected by so many of them so I've spent a fair amount of time on the couch in tears the last few days.

No I do know why-because I really love television. I think I actually like it better than movies. I love meeting a new set of characters every season and then getting to know them over the years. I enjoy the process of getting attached to these people and feeling invested in their choices. I think it's because I love that in my real life as well. I love to listen to people, I like to ask them questions, I like to know things about their lives-even little insignificant details. Television is a perfect storytelling medium for someone who loves people. I have been a voracious reader ever since I was a kid but I always miss good characters when I finish a book.

I was watching an episode of Friday Night Lights earlier this season and it was after one of the big games that the team managed to win in the last few plays. The show closes on a real high note, with all the boys hugging their parents and being so happy and excited. And I thought-if this were a movie, this is all we would get-a happily ever after. But I loved knowing that the next week I was going to get to see what happened after the game. When the victory wore off and real life crept back in again. TV characters get married, they have babies, they change jobs, they graduate, they make new friends, sometimes they even die. At the risk of sounding like a complete nerd-a well written character feels like a real friend. So when a show ends, or when something major happens as is usually the case on a season finale, I tend to get emotional about it.

I was sad to see the Gilmore Girls go. I was kind of a late comer to the show but it was full of personalities I loved and will miss. I look back at a lot of the shows I've been attached to over the years-Friends, Party of Five, Felicity,Arrested Development, The OC-and I still laugh or cry with them in reruns, something reminds me of one of the characters or a particular plot line will show up in my own life and I'll think "hmmm, what advice would Felicity's counselor have given her?" I think that's the mark of good art of any kind. When it leaves a little bit of itself with you.

So I'm not even going to apologize for rewinding the Jim and Pam moment at the end of The Office last night. If it had happened to a friend I'm sure I would have said "OK wait, tell me again? What did he say EXACTLY? And what were his exact facial expressions?"

I love TV.


jess said...

I never latched on to GG, but I completely love The Office and I think I'm also in love with Jim. I hope that doesn't break a commandment or anything.......
The best this season was Jim coming in one day dressed as Dwight. Awesome.

MissEm said...

I so wished I had Tivo for the end of The Office. I would have replayed the scene at least 7 times.

f*bomb. said...

I haven't seen that episode yet!!! It's still on tivo, waiting patiently, lovingly, loyally. *sigh.* My tv friends.

But the whole JD/Elliott thing is disturbing to me. I know we're supposed to root for them as destiny, but I am very against the concept that "destiny" requires cheating on your significant other. WHY must you be so immoral, imaginary tv character friends?!?! WHY!??!

Laurie said...

Perfectly put, f*bomb! I feel completely torn about JD and Elliott! I'm so glad they decided to renew that show after all... it was supposed to be a goner as of just a few days ago!

Didn't anybody else see Ugly Betty and alla the crap that went down on their season ending? Oh man!! I'm forever traumatized.

jeanine said...

I am also glad that we know each other so I don't have to stalk your blog. I cried with george and bailey. I cried for Christina and Burke. And I did a little happy dance in front of the t.v by myself for Pam. I have a crush on Jim. Who doesn't? And, just so you know, while I was prego, I watched feclicity re runs everyday, and I cry every time I watch the graduation episode. I thought I didn't have a life so I needed their drama, but you have made me realize that I just have an appreciation for the finer things.

Cindy said...

The only part that makes me toss and turn at night with worry is how Alex is going to repair his evil behavior to Ava/no face. What do you think George is going to do? You knew that Burke was going to leave the show. Do you think he'll just leave the hospital, just like that too? Christina's sad jilted at the altar scene was magnetic and yet horrifying to me. So many questions!

Laurie, I watch Ugly Betty! I'm so behind on the episodes. I need to spend a nice Sunday lying around watching them!

Chloe Elizabeth said...

Aren't we all in love with Jim? Katie, I love your thoughts on t.v. and why you love the shows. It was a sad week.

And, even though the series is ending, you should all being watching Veronica Mars. It is a great show that the CW stupidly cut. Great writing!

Cristin Lassen said...

Don't be embarassed, I rewinded and watched the Jim and Pam moment like 5 times. That's how dorky I am.

Kelly said...

From one TV addict to another:

Even though the Gilmore Girls have been not as great, I will miss them. In the end, they did right and put Lorelai and Luke back together. Yay!

My roommate and I are both SO MAD at JD and Elliot. Remember last time, kids, when you screwed everything up for so long by hooking up? I see their hooking up this time as all about fear.

I watched the Jim and Pam scene a few times and then showed it to some other people because it was just so simple and so good.

Laurie, I JUST watched Ugly Betty and I am so sad. It's not supposed to be sad like that. Happy fun show with some minor drama. Happy fun show, people!

Sherpa said...

Laurie, I haven't seen the season finale yet! Ugly Betty is my fun show. I was surprised how well done and entertaining that show is.