Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Adventure Day

My friends Kersten and Tai were in LA over the weekend. So my friend Greg and I met up with them for some adventures.

Lunch at The Farmer's Market

A pre-fab housing exhibit at the Pacific Design Center

Checking out shops on Melrose and Third Street

(this platter reads: sorry to appear insistent but I must have my trinkets. This is the last chance. You can buy random crap in LA.)

Dinner at a place all LA boys should put on their list of "ways to impress ladyfriends"" and then delicious dessert that I am now totally obsessed with.
But really the best part of any adventure day is that I have the greatest friends on the planet. We talk about all kinds of interesting things and even if we are just counting how many six figure cars pass in an hour (in LA that hour will pass absurdly quickly), we are having way more fun than anyone else.


f*bomb. said...

O! How I want to go through that Little Door! O how I do!!!

Kersten said...

YESSSSS!!!! We rate! It was a blast hanging out with you, and we really are trying to figure out how to get to the HB beaches later this summer. (We're done with the Standard...)

elizabeth said...

tai looks sort of like james mercer.

Baker and Jenny said...

Did you know our very own Hunitngton has a better version of Pinkberry? Downtown. Beach Berries. By the theatre. Im not even ashamed to admit that I ate it 9 days in a row.

k8 said...

you know, Spils told me about that place and I have already been THREE times. I'm only a little ashamed.