Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Today it was really hot in California. Which means it was still really warm tonight. So after my run, and after my roommate used me as a personal training guinea pig (which I am very excited about!), Corey and Sara and I went to Beach Berry and ate frozen yogurt outside by the beach.

It felt like this.

Warm summer nights. Few things get me as excited. And I'm an excitable gal.


f*bomb. said...

It was midnight when we got out of Spiderman, and it was warmer outside than in the theatre. It felt GREAT.

Dainon said...

So I'm a runner now. Now we have two things in common ... music and running. I want your next blog to be about why you started doing it. Consider this your request.

k8 said...

why i started running? i think i can do that.

and welcome to the club runner boy.