Wednesday, September 10, 2008


For most of my teenager years, my favorite thing to do when my dad would talk about country music was to roll my eyes and make gagging sounds. He would call it "the music of the people" and I would say, "yeah, the music of the STUPID people."

So I guess it's kind of funny that there is a distinct twang in a lot of what I like these days. Ryan Adams and Wilco and Ray Lamontagne sound a lot more like Willie Nelson then Bon Jovi or whatever I was listening to when I was 14.

But even as I was making fun of my father's taste, I always felt guilty about a little secret obsession from my past. When I was probably 6 or 7 I had a compilation tape that I LOVED. Like would listen to over and over and over and make up dances and try to learn every single word. I don't know who gave it to me and what ever became of it but to this day, I can still sing a lot of the songs and vaguely remember some of the "choreography". I was goofing around on YouTube this weekend and I dug up a few of the standouts from that tape. Maybe I do have a little Idaho in me after all.

Oh Alabama. I would shake my head at my dad for liking country and THIS was one of my favorites? This thing is practically wearing overalls and driving a tractor it's so country. Whatever, I also love "If You're Gonna Play in Texas" and "Song of the South" and I don't care what anyone thinks.

I really DO love a rainy night.

Um, I'm sorry, are there any songs more awesome then the Devil Went Down to Georgia? I remember being SO proud of myself when I learned every last lyric to this. Also, I'm really sorry Pops that I quit the violin before I ever learned to play this song. And also really sorry to any future offspring but it's possible YOU might have to right that cosmic wrong.

Another thing my dad really loves? Pigtails on little girls. I always had long hair when I was a wee one and for a long time I wanted to grow it out just like Crystal Gale. But I was a little freaked out at the prospect of my brown eyes going blue.

I don't know how old I was before I finally found out that Kenny and Dolly weren't actually married to each other. And seriously, they don't come better then Dolly Parton. That women is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s.

No wonder I am so awesome. One of my first favorite songs was The Gambler for crying out loud. The Gambler!!

Here's a little bonus Dolly Parton for you because I'm no longer afraid to admit it-I LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC YOU GUYS.


cropstar said...

best. post. ever.

i've been a professed country lover for decades. i was raised on the good old stuff and i love the new stuff. call me crazy. but i can't help myself.

"rainy night" was my favorite song when i was 3 yrs old (and still is to this day) and my family even bought me the record. yes... the RECORD. awesome.

and "islands" may be the greatest duet of all time. i totally thought kenny and dolly were married too.

seriously, i love every single one of these songs so much.

cropstar said...

ps- will you please teach my your routines? 'cuase that would be killer!

Nat Attack said...

This is probably the first and only music post I can comment on. I love me some country music. I made the best mix in the WORLD entitled "Dude Ranch." That's right, just dudes singing country songs.

Words seriously can't express how happy country music makes me, so I shall adjourn.

Kelly said...

I love a rainy night too! I think I had the 45 when I was little.

I had the 9 to 5 soundtrack on tape. I also love Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, and other old skool country. I also really like the Dixie Chicks and saw them in concert a few years ago. They were awesome.

However, I don't like newer country all that much.

rachelle said...

seriously hilarious.
and awesome.

i also thought dolly and kenny were married. in a perfect world, they would be.

and it's okay that you admitted to liking this country's okay to like the classics.

CoCo said...

Once when I was leaving the chlorine fumes of the BU pool and stepping into the take-my-breath- away-oh-wait-that's-so-cold-it-actually-hurts-my-throat Boston night, a hockey player was pulling out of the parking lot in his Bronco and Alabama's "I'm in a hurry" was PUMPING from his fog covered windows. My head turned towards the source of the sound. My heart smiled. And I thought, there ARE normal people in this city.

p.s. I always wanted to play the fiddle ... and have Texans raise the roof when I opened up that case.

k8 said...

i'm not going to lie, sometimes a smelly alabama loving hockey player seems kind of like a dream boy...

Katie said...

Well, sweet potatoe pie and SHUT MY MOUTH.

Ya'll went hick today.

Crystalbell said...

I have a sudden urge to cook you up some grits. I was also reminded of what my mom was like when she was my age (I believe she was my age when she listened to all of that stuff, maybe younger).

Scary and fascinating.

Mary said...

I must confess to Alabama and Charlie Daniels on my iPod, takes me back to the 80's in Southern Utah.

Sherpa said...

Oh, I can relate to this post. I had a similar upbringing in regards to country music.
I didn't realize I knew not only the lyrics of "I love a rainy night" but the exact phrasings of the song. My brother from the time he was 2-8 LOVED Kenny Rogers. We're talking that's all he wanted to listen to when we were in the car. My mom enabled him by giving him a couple of best of tapes. I like Kenny too, but Dolly was my girl.