Tuesday, September 02, 2008


**this post inspired by my sister's September 2 entry**

A few months ago I got in a really stupid and immature fight with someone who meant a lot to me. We are both a little stubborn and we ended up not speaking for quite a long time. A few weeks ago I got a message from him out of the blue and a few sincere apologies later, he's back to being one of my favorite ways to burn free long distance minutes.

This particular friend had actually dated a roommate of mine years ago and I hardly knew him at the time. He ended up resurfacing right as all my job upheaval was happening and was a very steadying influence through much of that exhausting experience. I guess it's all just part of my continued surprise at how little we understand about the way things in our life are going to turn out. Who will be significant, who will just be making a cameo, which decisions will matter a little and which ones will matter a lot. These last few months and years of nomadic singleness have been so fun and so exciting but they have not been particularly peaceful. This weekend I was remembering some past Labor Day events and wondering what this one will look like in three or four years.

One of my favorite songs on the subject is the Joni Mitchell classic "Both Sides Now". It's a great song but made about a million times better when you compare the version from 1970 to the one she released a few years ago.

This song makes more sense every time I hear it.


Jayne said...

Well, for the second time today I see the last three decades slip away! This song was made for two perspectives. Even her voice grew older with grace (even if cigarettes were the main culprit. Beautiful then and now.

aaronymous said...

so i kinda want to set up a blog, blog my life away and have you assemble the soundtrack, i think in music sometimes, but i am a not even an apprentice compared to your level of master artisan music assembler.

Mike said...

Brilliant (and strange). Heard this tune last night....I mistakenly thought it was titled "Clouds".....now I know.

frances said...

so, this song is on the "love actually" soundtrack and there is a great commentary about it on one of the dvd special features things. the song plays during the scene when emma thompson realizes her husband is having an affair. heartbreaking. you should check it out.