Sunday, September 07, 2008


**I'm posting this here for my friend Jane who is looking for a song for her daughter's dance competition. As a music junkie I can't take a challenge like this sitting down but I'm coming up a little empty. I keep flashing back to that scene in The Cutting Edge where they are fighting over whether to use classical or rock and they keep turning the music up louder and louder and louder as they get madder and madder. Awesome. Anyway, the task at hand-any thoughts?

attn: music junkies

I am searching for a song. It must be super right.
Kiana and her adorable dance friend Isabel are both 10 years old. They have been performing/competing duo's together in dance almost every year since they were both 6 years old!

This year, we really want something fresh and new.

It must be age appropriate which excludes all songs with any bad language, mature themes, etc.

I dislike super-themed little girly songs.

I'm looking for humor, something that would have a strong less-obvious story to it, but a great humorous story could be choreographed to it.

Did you all watch SYTYCD this past season?

I LOVED Napoleon & Tabitha's work, every time they choreographed.

But, this will not be a hip hop piece like theirs.

It will be more of a jazzy/contemporary piece. For you non-dance readers, that is not modern. Contemporary is more of a newer-trendier jazz...

I would be VERY happy with upbeat suggestions...
I love old songs made new...
I love instrumental remakes of old songs...

Please suggest!!! I need the community of bloggers to throw out ideas!

Feel free to give ideas on the choreography, costumes...
these girls will be competing in the NYCDA {New York City Dance Alliance}
competitions this year and we want something completely original!

A great choreographer will be doing it, but I need somewhere to start!


Jane said...

Katie, you're awesome - thank you!!!

(may you vicariously have a "dance Mom" moment with me!!!)

Jamie said...

Probably not what Jane is after, but as a Bon Iver fan you'll love this:

Linda said...

I love thinking about stuff like this: not that I know these girls or their style (I'm no dancer--but I like watching it!)

Here's a few impulsive thoughts:

Mirah--tons of goodies, maybe Words Cannot Describe

Beirut--quirky and different, great music, maybe Scenic World

Cat Stevens--always good, maybe Here comes my Baby

Feist--I think you should do this one, Tout Doucement.

k8 said...

oh jane, i am TOTALLY trying to have a vicarious dance mom moment-thanks for letting me worm my way in ; )

jamie, always always post bon iver in my comments section. always.

linda...i keep thinking Feist is such a perfect fit because her songs are so upbeat and fun..i just can't tell if outside our little indie world her stuff is as exposed as it feels like it is to me. Maybe everyone on earth has heard and it tired of "mushaboom."

Mike said...

Polyphonic Spree with "Hold Me Now"

Now I'll really reach with an instrumnetal...."Praan" from Garry Schyman (the tune from "where the hell is Matt" viral).
Talk about a gorgeous song.

Good luck

Mike said...

Only other thoughts:

From the Juno soundtrack

All I Want is You

From the Dan in Real Life soundtrack

To be Suprised


Let My Love Open the Door
( a greatgreatsuper remake of Pete Townsend's tune)

aporitic said...

"UnSquare Dance" by The Dave Brubeck Quartet.

Try it, you'll like it.

k8 said...

oh the polyphonic spree! i so love them! "Light and Day" is another one that could be cool. Starts out slow but really builds. It's so happy!

and that dave brubeck song???? fantastic!

is it too fast Jane? With this one I could see the girls having their own little "dance off" . One does her little thing and then the other one is like "oh yeah? well i'll speed it up!" then you get the piano back and they could dance together. that dave brubeck!

k8 said...

here's a monkees song that used to make my little brother and i laugh until we were sick. we'd dance around the living room. my parents were always amused at least.

lilcis said...

I know it's been out there for so long, so it's probably not original enough for you. But I love Mika's "Grace Kelly", and I think it would be cute for little girls.

kentandnellie said... are a few that I love. Don't know if they'd work for a dance, but maybe?

Love Astronaut by Murder Mystery: Super catchy, indie.

Move Your Feet by Junior Senior: Makes you want to move. Really.

I Don't Feel Like Dancing by Scissor Sisters: Ironically, I feel like dancing to this song every time I hear it.

Kids by MGMT (anything would work from them...good beats)

Kim & Jesse by M83: Different, has an 80s feel to it, indie.

Good luck!

Jane said...

Incredible Options!!! thank you to everyone, I'll keep you posted when the decision is made!