Friday, September 12, 2008


I was reading an article today about what celebs had in their backstage riders for the VMA's so I was thinking about what I would want in my dressing room if I was a big star.

-vase of fresh flowers in bright colors
-one Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Home Candle
-CD player or iPod dock
-big bowl of peanut m and m's
-Stacy's Simply Naked and Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips
-Selection of Odwalla Juices and Polar Cranberry Lime Soda
-a tray of chopped vegetables
-bowl of grapes
-an internet connection (because duh, I would be a celeb blogger you guys)
-and probably some doughnuts. because it's friday afternoon and I just really, really want a doughnut.

See? I'm not too demanding.

Apparently LL Cool J asked for 24 long stemmed roses with individual water tubes which frankly creeped me right now. Exactly how many groupies are you entertaining Mister?


Mike said...

If your gonna be a frankly need to ask for more....and never ever use the word "or" in your rider. Your the boss, make the minions work for the pleasure of your company !! (I think Bill the Butcher said something along those lines in Gangs of New York...I digress)

Rider edits:

-A CD player AND an iPod dock
-A tray of (organically grown) chopped vegtables
-A bowl of red Californian grown grapes
-A high speed internet connection (they might try to give you dial up)
-A dozen doughnuts, 4 glazed, 4 chocolate iced, 1 blueberry, 1 chocolate iced w/red sprinkles,
1 plain cake, 1 cinnamon twist.

Your now well on your way to stardom. How long are those coat tails ?

k8 said...

i love it! my diva-behaviour obviously needs work.

I want those grapes washed and peeled please.

Ems said...

remember though Katie that Ladies Love Cool James!!

k8 said...

this lady included...i freaked when we were in the same room at a women's sports foundation event a few years ago...

Nat Attack said...

ironically, my office has everything but the first two on your list. true story. maybe you should just come kick it on the couch in kendall square.

CoCo said...

I saw The Women tonight. (Don't judge. And yes it's like the adult version of traveling pants.) Meg Ryan's character has a PHAT Jo Malone candle in her home. The $400.00 one. It was like my where's waldo find of the movie that made me smile.

Jane said...

good list, I'm going to have to check out that candle and a couple other goodies you have on there! I do love Stacy's pita chips!