Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Truth Is

For so, so many reasons. I'll be there in 15 days and I'm not sure I'll come home.


Dainon said...

But Sufjan is in L.A.
You goin'?

k8 said...

your friend gave her tix up already so no.

but while we are on that subject...LA is frustratingly inconvenient. just a little too far and too trafficky to go up on a weeknight.My show attendance has gone down drastically since my Boston days when there were 10 venues within a 20 minute radius

Dainon said...

Well, you could live in Utah, the land where far too few of the good bands choose to tour. I ain't complaining. Ray Lamontagne is coming to Boise and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is going to be in Boulder on Saturday. Road trips, both.

bets said...

This might be the best thing I've ever heard.