Saturday, October 07, 2006

She's a Libra

My mother's birthday is today! She's exactly one week older than I am! Well, one week and a few years I suppose.

My mother loves

Chanel No 5Slow DancingRoses
When I was a little girl, she also liked this guy High class taste all around.

Momma Bug...
thanks for my brown eyes, the ability to make friends with people in line at the grocery store, the teaching gene, letting me pretend to be a ballerina and an actress for as long as I wanted to, not saying a word and letting me learn on my own when I was up to no good, encouraging your daughters to go on missions, and learning grandma's fudge recipe before it left us for good. Speaking of, can we please make that at Christmas???

I love you mom, I hope you have a fun day.



Mega N! said...


Jayne said...

This is why you have children. SO that when you are old someone will say really nice things on your birthday and forget for a moment the annoying ones. Thank you Katie Peachy.

Mama Jayne

goodfoodgirl said...

i love jayne, too! Happy birthday!