Wednesday, October 04, 2006


10 things that kept me from falling asleep last night

1. I still don't have a California drivers license even though my car is registered here. I only think about this at midnight and when I see a police man and thus, nine months after moving it is still on my TO DO list. I am convinced I will get arrested at some point for this.

2. I need good running models for my photoshoot in two weeks. They have to be tall, they have to wear a size medium, they have to have good running form and they have to be pretty. I fear that such a creature does not exist

3. Thanksgiving. Should I go to Utah or not? Probably not, but I sort of want to.

4. If I renew my license this month, does that mean that trespassering ticket in New York won't find me?

5. If it turned out I couldn't have kids of my own, would I adopt?

6. What on earth did I do with all that construction paper? I thought it was under my bed but it wasn't. Think, think, think.

7. What if Robin raises our rent in February?

8. Wait I'm not teaching Relief Society this Sunday am I? Shoot. Am I?

9. No. Pretty sure I'm not.

10. So do they really arrest people for not changing their license? How big is the fine? What if I just move to New York and sell my car? Then I don't have to worry about it right?


gretel said...

if you ate sugar late at night then that could have been another reason.

i just found that one out.

Bev said...

This is probably my favorite post. Favorite. Perhaps this will help with #1 and #10, I registered my car in Georgia in 2003. I traded in my Utah license for my GA one in March of this year...that is 2006!! I was pulled over and ticketed for speeding in 2004. I was not arrested. I am certain you will be spared as well...

k8 said...

bev, i think you just turned the key that will allow me to actually get to sleep tonight. my blood actually runs cold when i see a cop car these days. I feel like a total outlaw.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure you'll be arrested either. In fact, I got a speeding ticket while living in California (and had a Utah license) and the cop just yelled at me some. Same with my husband living here in Utah with a California license. The cop just reminded him to get it done. The sad part of my story, though, is that I've never had a chance to go back to the California court to take care of that ticket, so I'm a wanted woman in those parts.

But hopefully YOU'LL sleep in peace tonight! :)

aporitic said...

Will you make me a license plate while you're in jail?

I'm thinking PL8BYK8, but I'm open to suggestions.

Whits said...

So great. These are my thought processes exactly. Most of the time.

k8 said...

laurie-huge sigh of relief. cali cops are apparently NOT running any sort of license sting like my overactive imagination suspected. however, i admire you for being able to sleep despite being an outlaw ; )

apo-clever. so very clever. (i'm sticking my tongue out at you right now)

whit-this is why we are friends, same twisted brain.

Geno said...

when in doubt, adopt. it's fully worth it. trust me, i know. my situation is 1/10th of what your friends in DC seem to be going through (good thing it's a VERY slow day at work, cause that blog is killing me), but i've also got an "illegal" (canadian immigration issues and all) teenager living in the room next door. driving a boy-crazy sixteen-year-old to seminary every morning is a long stretch from living a block from the beach and yet somehow (pardon the cliche) totally worth it (even if letting her listen to top 40 radio in the wee hours of the morning is about to break me... damn nickelback and jojo and argh!!!)...