Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's kind of hard to tell...

but this is Tony Bennett and Sheryl Crow

and this is Martina Navirtilova in front of about 100 other amazing female professional and Olympic athletes

and this is Ice T about two minutes before I violated my long held policy of never bothering celebrities when I see them in public

but since I was already bummed that I made eye contact with Christian Slater and didn't say a word, I decidedI would really feel better if I shook his hand. I am happy to report that Ice is a very nice guy.

So far my thirties have been pretty much awesome.


Mega N! said...

Where oh where did you get to go in a sparklely dress?

It appears to have been an engaging event.

Bev said...

Just your average 30's. You are rockin my friend!