Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And so THEN

Alright, birthday was good. People finally left after midnight and I started packing for a trip that required pretty much every type of clothing on the planet-from strappy dresses to sports bras. Needless to say, the sugar and excitement and tiredness all conspired to make me start crying as I stared at my closet and the reality of the week to come set in. Again, thank goodness my mom and sister were there. They helped me pick clothes, got me to bed and took me to the airport in plenty of time to get my huge stupid bag checked and didn't once make fun of the fact that I was crying about a bunch of things that most normal people would consider to be fun and exciting.
I landed in New York and went straight to this yummy Italian place near Central Park to meet up with Jed and Chris and Catherine and Ben and Dave for another little birthday gathering. Even though I was tired and stressed, they were all folks I was delighted to see and dinner was really lovely. Ben gave me a couple of CD's I'm falling in love with and then Jed and Chris came back to my hotel with me to help me unwind and get ready for the whirlwind week. I didn't take my camera to dinner because I am dumb but I did manage to get a cute one of Jed and Chris before they left.
The next morning I had a meeting in Great Neck that I was a little nervous about. Jed, who is a complete rock star friend and also happens to be a human atlas, volunteered to come with me and make sure I got there OK. The meeting was fantastic and as Jed and I sat in a coffee shop in Great Neck waiting for the train back to Manhattan I was thinking about the days he used to entertain us in the living room of the Alpha Phi house in little Cedar City, Utah and how thrilled our baby selves of eight years ago would be to see where we were now and how close we still are.
The rest of the week flew by-two black tie parties and a PR event with all the beauty and fashion magazines and running back and forth to my design firm to get our Fall 07 catalogues done. I spent alot of time like this:I know not everyone is a taxi fan and some cab drivers make you feel like you are taking your life into your own hands BUT, I love the fact that I don't have to know where I am or where I'm going but I can hop into a taxi and get wherever I need to go. I love them.
Thursday morning I woke up way, way too early and flew to San Francisco to meet up with Emily. We of course decided to go shopping and made a beeline for Anthropologie.That night Miss Betsy, who was also running the race on Sunday(and whose BIRTHDAY it is today!), came over and we had dinner outside on the Kane's roofdeck. The weather in San Francisco was amazing that week so it was a perfect night for a little BBQ.And then it was off to bed early for the little marathon girls.

The next day the SUU girls arrived and all manner of mischief ensued. More on that later.


Dainon said...

I have nothing exciting to say, but I can say this ... the taxi cab headshot totally rules.

Chris said...

Man, those two boys in that first picture are cute!

Ems said...

I'm with dainon...love that taxi cab photo.

k8 said...

chris-the cutest!

em and dainon-that shot is one of my all-time faves.