Friday, October 27, 2006

An Apology

Dear everyone on Flight #1678 from Houston to Philadelphia this evening-

Alright, I was that guy I hate tonight. The one who listens to voicemail the second the plane lands and can't wait until she gets off the jetway to return a call, thereby subjecting everyone cramped around her to listen to whatever ridiculous conversation had to happen RIGHT THEN.

But you don't pick up a message from Bev, Lori, Kari with a cameo by Damian and then just wait around. You call back. You sulk a little that you are in Philly and they are in Salt Lake. You hear Lori's awesome news, and you laugh too much and you talk to loud and you pretty much don't care.

I am sorry though, and if it makes you feel any better-I'm alone in a hotel room with no one at all to talk to and haven't said a word in about two hours.



Whits said...

How much do I love the picture you dancing around your house? I SO wish I could have been there...looks like it was a blast.

Whits said...

Hmmm I clicked on the wrong post to comment on. I meant to comment on "Shop Girl". Apologies for commenting on "An Apology".