Saturday, October 21, 2006

T-Minus 15 hours

So the marathon is tomorrow. This is what I was doing last night
These ladies are some of my college friends and we spent yesterday shopping and eating and laughing our way through San Francisco. Four of them are married, two of them are moms and all of them are as fun and smart and delightful as they were 12 (gulp)years ago when we were all at SUU.

So I think it's obvious from the last few posts that my week has been a blur of parties and meetings and late nights and cross country flights and not enough running and goofing around. It's not exactly the ideal way to go into a marathon. But I've already told myself that this marathon was more about being excited to start my 30's than actually crossing the finish line. I've done the hard part-the endless training all alone. Tomorrow I'll be running with 15,000 other women-most of whom are as far from elite athletes as I am-and we'll enjoy the beautiful weather and the fantastic city, we'll eat Ghiradelli chocolate at mile 11, Corey and Betsy will be out there too, Emily and Andy will cheer us on, my iPod is full of good music...if for some reason I don't finish the way I want to, I'm already feeling like my mission has been accomplished.

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