Monday, October 02, 2006

Parrot Head

I woke up in a little bit of a funk yesterday. Obviously I got a bit beat up on my run on Saturday, I was missing someone I am getting tired of missing, there are a few stresses at my job that are weighing a little bit too heavily these days. So I was in kind of a crabby mood when I headed down to the beach for a Sunday afternoon bike ride. I rode for awhile and then stopped to sit and watch the water and air my grievances against the universe for a little while. I happened to sit on a wall that was also occupied by an older gentleman who had a couple of parrots on his arm. He was out for a ride as well but was letting them hop around a little bit on the sand before continuing on. I was sitting far enough away that I felt like I could get away with staring at his interaction with the birds. He finally picked up his bike and herded the parrots back onto his shoulder and started to leave. I smiled at him and the birds and he called out, "See? It's so much better with a smile. you are too pretty to sit there frowning." And I laughed and he said, "if I were 10 years younger..." and headed off down the boardwalk.
I know it's kind of silly but it made me feel about a million times brighter. Older men tend to play fast loose with compliments to young females but this one came across as very genuine and really changed the way I was feeling. On the way home I thought about I am always glad when I take the time to compliment someone but I probably don't do it enough. So this week I am making a concerted effort to leave off the filter when it comes to saying nice things.

Thanks Parrot Guy.


Dainon said...

You can wait a few days before complimenting me if you'd like. I think you might have a reason to. You know what I mean. You do you do you do.

k8 said...

oh i am SO looking forward to complimenting you i can't even stand it. although you've probably upped the ante on my as of yet unfinished work.

Bev said...

YOU are SUCH a rockstar!

elizabeth said...

you are too pretty to be frowning.