Wednesday, September 13, 2006

World Famous

So it turns out that our family name is known far and wide.
It also turns out that i miss logan so much that seeing his little face is making me cry right into my keyboard.

Missions are just way too long.


gretel said...

your brother is one handsome fella.

but no wonder - it runs in the family..

k8 said...

this one did get a pretty healthy dose of hotness though. he also got all the athletic talent for the whole family.

can't spell for crap though (hi logan!)

Whits said...

how old is he?

k8 said...

he is just a baby-turning 21 next month.

BUT, i will totally give him to you if you like them young. he is a catch and a half.

aporitic said...

That tie is awesome. It looks like he's had it his whole mission.

bets said...

it appears as if the clifford's are hogging all the hot for themselves.