Thursday, September 28, 2006

A tiny treasure

So every couple of weeks I stay up way too late on a work night cruising through the endless supply of internet music blogs downloading an obscene amount of music. I'm usually not very picky-there are quite a few blogs that I trust and so I'm inclined to at least try anything they recommend. Everything I download goes into my nifty "get to know" smart playlist in my iTunes along with any recently purchased CD's and iTunes store singles. I typically listen to whatever the 25-30 newest songs are for a few days and decide what I want to keep and what I want to trash. So I feel like I usually give the things I get off the mp3 blogs a pretty fair chance at getting heard. But sometimes a track will fall through the cracks. It will get overshadowed by something else or it just won't hit me right or it will be number 24 of 25 and not get as much one on one time as some of guys at the top of the list. That's when I really love the shuffle feature on iTunes. I'm just going about my business, listening to music I know and like and BAM! something slips into the rotation that I swear I have never heard before but becomes an obsession.

This happened last night with a song called "Parade" by Heypenny from an album called Use These Spoons. As you can see from this blog, where you can download "Parade" for you own listening pleasure, this is not a brand new song. And a little further searching shows that it was definitely floating through the music blogosphere this whole year but I somehow managed to miss it completely. But I'm not missing out anymore and that's why I'm passing it along to all of you.

You are totally welcome.


Doovie said...

I tried to download "Parade" but it wouldn't let me. I guess your suggestion bogged down their server. You are one popular girl.

k8 said...

how awkward!

fortunately the other two there are also totally awesome and totally downloadable