Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Nation

Hi Boston-

Alright. I'll admit it. I miss you.

This is hard for me to admit as I spent alot of our time together complaining about you, comparing you to others, plotting my escape from you. But there it is. I opened the internet today to an article about New England leaf peeping and all of the sudden I forgot your miserable winters and your distance from my family and the Red Sox horrible season and just wanted to see you. I want to pull my sweaters out of the dark recesses of my closet and dress in layers and buy new boots and bake pumpkin pies and go to high school football games and corn mazes and pick apples and roadtrip to New York and flirt with the new crop of grad school kids at church. I want one last swim at Walden Pond in the long shadows of summer's end. I want turtlenecks and rowing competitions and Arrested Development in front of the fireplace.

I know. I'm irrational, I'm experiencing selective memory disease. I know that if I lived in Boston right now, I would be so busy dreading the coming snow that I would have little time to enjoy how fresh and alive everyone looks when they are just pleasantly chilled. I would be spending more time worrying about snow tires and crazy heating bills then being grateful for a few more outdoor runs along the Charles.

So don't think I want you back, I don't.
At least I don't think I do.

Whatever, nevermind. Don't respond. I probably won't even send this.



Kelly said...

Oooohhh, Kaaatie, cooome baaaack....

(It's the siren call of Boston, you see.)

Everyone's doing it.

Well you can live vicariously through me as I go apple picking and bake yummy things and snuggle up in front of my boyfriend's fireplace.

k8 said...

it's a deal.

since come january, your frozen butt is going to want me to think of you while i'm sitting in front of a bonfire on the beach.

me said...
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Miss Hass said...

I totally know how you feel. I was thinking the same thing today as I was enjoying a lovely fall day in Indiana. And then I realized, "Hey, Indiana has lovely fall days too!" How exciting is that? No miserable winters AND fall weather?

Bev said...

To have lived in Boston is to have realized in full the definition of the love-hate relationship ;)

Rod Clifford said...

I don't know much for certain after all these years, but I know good writing when I read it. Very good, Kate, very well done. As usual.

k8 said...

speaking of writing dad, i think someone ELSE'S blog is a little behind...

Kelly said...


You are so, so right. I miss having a tan all year.

aporitic said...

I hate to say I told you so, (actually I don't -- I'm gloating like your crazy aunt Alice when she hits the jackpot in Wendover) but I called it ages ago.

I believe the word I used was "fickle." You, my dear, are fickle. Fickle, fickle, fickle.

But you are right about your dad's blog. I went there and read it and it sorely needs an update.

I'll admit though that I am a little miffed you haven't pointed us that direction before now. That guy can write!

arob said...

I knew it!

And I am planning a leaf-peeping, apple-picking trip with RP as we speak.

Boston miss you too, KT...or at least I do. Things are a little lonely out here these days.