Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada

The dress code at my office is business casual. I usually wear alot of casual skirts and tees, chuck taylors and dressy flip flops-nice pants from time to time and jeans only on Friday. So my look is usually pretty relaxed and comfortable but professional enough for an athletic shoe company. The heels and the jackets typically come out only when I go to account meetings off-site, so the people around my office aren't really used to seeing me all dressed up.

Yesterday I had a meeting with a contractor so I did the whole-"I'm a real live professional with a grown-up job" look. Sassy heels, skirt, flashy top, accessories, my hair actually done like it's supposed to be, makeup-definitely a turned up version of usual.

It turns out you get alot more done in an office full of men when you dress that way. IT support on demand, mailroom guys racing around to do my bidding, even my boss paying closer attention to things I said. It would have been slightly disconcerting if it hadn't also been slightly awesome.

So this morning I show up in a skirt and t-shirt and the guy in the mailroom, who yesterday was fumbling for words when I walked into his office, says to me, "oh, back to normal today?"



Whits said...

But you wouldn't be special if you dressed up everyday...thats why its called dressing UP. :-)

gretel said...

it's a wonder anyway that men notice things like that! ;)

CoCo said...

come on! You know Legally Blonde by heart. All I have to say is "Don't stomp your last year prada heels at me". Isn't there some rule (or maybe it's just a correlation) between guys who notice fashion and their orientation?! Oh right, to be pc we've termed that metro-sexual. right.