Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Saturday night I drove down to San Diego to see a play produced and directed by my friends Amy and Dustin. I arrived a bit early and really, really needed a bathroom so I walked over to the nearby Starbucks. It was there that I found this

I wonder about this Mary Arnold Dorfman. What sort of harrassment did she heap upon the author of this tag and what revenge did he exact on her? I thought about this all the way back to the theater and then promptly forgot as I took my seat.

Which is precisely why I love my digital camera so. My random observations need never again disappear into nothingness.


Leh Knee Yo said...

whats more interesting is the intent of the author... let's see, right handed, overly pronounced rounded "R's", vertical stacking of words, all caps, and an average letter height twice the size of other "authors". which all says to me, flamboyant, sexually confused male, of short stature, trying to overcompensate for lack of... penmanship ;)

then again it could just be her initials that set him off.

Bev said...

He's definitely bald.

bigscemo said...

Ok, one question. Maybe two.
1) what were you doing using the Men's room?
2) if you were in the ladies' room, why do you assume the author was a he?

Ok, one more.
3) do you always take your camera in the crapper with you, or was that just a coincidence?

k8 said...

you raise some good questions Tom.
1) unisex bathroom
2) see above
3) women's purses-there is all kinds of crap in there you don't usually imagine is in the bathroom with us.

and I hadn't even considered her initials-but M.A.D?
nice catch.