Friday, September 29, 2006

I do not like you Meredith Grey

Well I'll just come clean here. Despite the fact that I like to think I have pretty highbrow taste, sometimes I really just want to spend an hour watching super hot people deal with their super selfish and shallow problems.

Which makes Grey's Anatomy such an easy and fun way to waste an hour. Plenty of attractive men, plenty of overblown drama, and not very much to challenge me. Sexy, melodramatic and ultimately, pretty dumb. Sort of like it's titular character Dr. Meredith Grey. The one character I can't stand.

For those of you who don't watch the show, the season opener finds our heroine at the apex of an agonizing love triangle. Should she choose Derick-the one-night stand turned love of her life surgeon who choose reconciliation with his wife over continuing their relationship but then never bothered to really commit to said reconciliation and ended up seducing Meredith in an exam room on hospital prom night while his wife cluelessly sipped punch a few feet away(don't make me explain. I'm already feeling a bit nauseous about these storylines when I see them in black and white.)?
Should she choose Finn-the recently widowed and very cute veterinarian who was only mad for about five seconds when he figured out she slept with Derick when she was really HIS prom date?
So to have two incredibly smart, incredibly hot, incredibly doctorly men beg for her affections she must be a truly amazing woman right?
WRONG! Compared to any other female character on the show, this one is whiny, helpless, self-centered, indecisive and dull. Her storylines are so over the top dramatic-her now crazy mother had an affair with the Chief of Surgery she works for, the father she never met has a whole family she never knew until one showed up as her patient, her dog gets cancer. She's the kind of girl who lives under a tiny dark cloud. But she's totally hot.

And therein lies my gripe with Meredith Grey. She represents all that is wrong with the world. While the smart, strong, capable, independent and highly attractive women on the show deal with real problems, the whiny, sad, spineless but SMOKIN' one deals with which amazing man who has declared his undying love for her she will choose.

Maybe she has to be the main character because she IS the show-sexy, melodramatic, and ultimately, a little bit dumb.

Mind you, I will not stop watching this show. But I might starting hitting mute when her annoying little whine starts up.


CoCo said...

Can I get a witness? AMEN SISTER!

Okay so I decided at the beginning of the season that I wasn't going to like Meredith by the end, and last night only strenghtened my potential disfavorable feelings.

Note: is anyone else a little bugged that Snow Patrol is now becoming THE soundtrack for Greys?

Geno said...

to coco's comment -- i don't know how it is in california anymore but snow patrol (well, the one grey's anatomy song) dominates the radio in austin tx right now.

to katie's meredith grey comments... you honestly think that she is the smokin' hot one? i don't know. that "always tired" look just doesn't do it for me. my wife is ADDICTED to this show and i'm into too (no lies here), but grey is my major reservation as well. fortunately, the other characters are amazing. i was honestly finally sold sold on the show this past week by izzy (hotter than grey, by the way). call me a dork, but her "bridesmaids speech" was (insert appropriate positive adjective here cause i don't know what it is, but it's always cool to see the girl that hates wedding colors and dresses and all finally fall in love and get into that stuff - does that make sense???). for me, izzy's standing outside of the hospital all day unable to go in (because of denny, not the chief, obviously) said a million times more about love than grey's stupid little escapades. funny to think that maybe izzy/denny was the only real relationship on this show so far (don't get me started on burke/asian doctor who's name i forget). oh well. regardless, best non-comedy writing in a long long time.