Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wasatch It's Back

Hip hip! We got our team number and start time for the Wasatch Back Relay today! I read through the list of team names and there are some real gems out there. I was glad to see one of my favorite name from last year on the list-Wasatch Sexyback. Here are a few more favorites:

R.O.U.S (runners of unusual speed)-you sort of have to know the joke for this one to be awesome
Blisters in the Sun
Ryan Seacrest (this one is still making me laugh out loud, so random)
Where the Hell's the Car? Park City!?
My Name is Hurl
At Least Ten Virgins (an all male team and the winner for "only in a utah race")

and my very favorite and a team I hope we run into on the trail

In Memory of Our Friend Ed Casmer, Who Couldn't Give Up Ding Dongs, And Was Too Lazy To Run This Year

I know some more of you are running this thing as well, some for the first time. Here are my top five bits of advice:

1. You will probably eat less and drink more then you think. Odds are you will stop somewhere for lunch/dinner at some point anyway but you can never pack too much water.
2. Flip flops. Bring a pair.
3. A little bottle of Febreeze is nice to have in a car full of people who have been running and not showering for 24 hours.
4. Make sure have the most current race bible! or Riley ends up running an extra mile-ha!
5. Easy on the Red Bull. Trust me.

I'm really excited for the race but mostly I'm really excited to be in Utah for a few days!! If we can just get nephew to come a few days earlier than he's supposed to it will be the perfect trip.


Dainon. said...

You may, just may, run into me. Like you almost did last year. It scares me to death, that race, but I'll just leave it at that.

What's the name of your team?


Don't Follow us off the Cliffords
All the Cliffords and no big red dogs

Anne said...

Ooh, I'm running on Chloe and Christy's team and we get to start with In Memory of Our Friend Ed Casmer, Who Couldn't Give Up Ding Dongs, And Was Too Lazy To Run This Year. When I saw that I was soooooo excited, I may have even screamed out loud a little bit.

Thanks for the tips, especially the Febreeze!!

I think that only one of my team members has run this before so we're all a little clueless of how this is all going to go down. I can't wait though, everything I've read and seen about it gets me super pumped. It should be a blast!

k8 said...

We are the All American All Trons but dainon those are some SOLID recommendations-maybe next year.

what teams are you kids running on?

Anne said...

I'm on Heaven or Hell. I'm hoping it's more heaven than hell...

Denise said...

thanks for sharing the team names, gave me a good laugh. I think Erik is on a team for this so I'm sure I'll be out there and hope to randomly run into you to route you on!