Sunday, May 18, 2008

Adventure Day!

Sometimes the cure for a bout of homesickness (aside from great words of wisdom from friends/ex-coworkers/blog readers) is an adventure day in your newish home.

Yesterday started pretty perfectly with one of my favorite Saturday activities-sleeping until I woke up. It was kind of cloudy when I got up but I decided it was worth braving for a nice long bike ride. I had been out maybe 20 minutes when the skies cleared up, the sun came out and the temperature went up about 10 degrees. And out of nowhere the trail I was riding on exploded with people. I have no idea what everyone in this city does to stay active for the eight months of the year that you can't go outside without freezing your face off but once it get warms, suddenly it's like Miami Beach around here. I also happened to ride by the lunch stop for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer that was held this weekend. The Avon Walk is sort of responsible for me being in Boston now. My old company started sponsoring it five years ago and at the time I was working as a field rep in California. The GM asked me to manage the project and I ended up spending about six weeks commuting between Boston and HB. The summer went well and I got the offer to come to Boston permanently. Over the years I think I went to about 15 or 16 of the Walks in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Charlotte, Washington D.C., Denver and LA. There was something kind of surreal about just accidently bumping into one after so many years of them being such a big part of my life. I stopped to see if anyone I knew and was pleasantly surprised to hear the Executive Director had left to be a full time mom. Hooray for taking your dream job I suppose.

I also stopped in at the bike shop to buy a water bottle and the nice boys there helped me adjust a few things that made the ride much, much smoother. This biking thing is turning out to be way more fun that I was expecting from something that is also so good for me!

I got home and my roommate and I decided to hit the open market that is now comandeering the parking lot at our gym for the rest of the summer. But first! We had to hit the weird little shoe store just up the street where I got a pair of Kate Spade red patent peep toe heels for $50. Brenda found some equally absurdly prices Michael Kors sandals and we knew we were in for a good day.

We headed over to the market where we saw about a million cute things to buy for Nephew. This is going to be the most spoiled child on the face of the earth. We also ran across a really cute boy about our age selling homemade jellies so duh, we bought some so we could flirt with him a little longer.

Then it was over to try a cute little Chinese place that was a) delicious and b) clever

We took the bus to Downtown Crossing to brave the Saturday H & M crowds. This is us holding the rail in the bus.

Sadly I didn't find anything I liked BUT we did run into my old friend Jeremiah's little brother who was visiting from New Hampshire. And then we saw our photographer friend Tim who was heading to the North End to take millions and millions of pictures. Tim had a toothpick in his mouth which always reminds me of my dad. He is a big fan of the toothpick.

We shopped for a bit longer and then took the bus back to my car. We ended up walking by a Fire Station. There were a bunch of super friendly and super chatty firemen sitting out front who seemed to think that Brenda and I were sent to relieve their Saturday night boredom. The highlight of the conversation was when it came up that we were both from Utah and both mormons and one of them said, "so I could marry the both of you?" Gosh, those polygamy jokes just NEVER STOP being funny do they? Besides telling bad jokes though, they were very nice and we now know that if our house ever bursts into flames, we have some friends at the firehouse.

By this time it was late and no one was in the mood to cook so we went to my new favorite mexican spot in Boston. Sadly it is right next to Fenway and we didn't realize the Sox were playing a make-up game for a rain out the night before so we had to settle for takeout. There is not enough parking in this city when nothing is going on so when there is a game you can just forget it. So we came home and I decided to model a few of the day's purchases.

Then I stayed up until some ridiculous hour watching movies and reading and indulging my night owl tendencies.

Perfect day people.


Anderson4 said...


I am the biggest blog surfer!!! I am so glad you left a message on mine!! I am adding you to my blog! Please keep in touch. I love reading about your exciting life!!


brent said...

Wow. You are roommates with Brenda? This is a very small world. I played basketball with her once, long, long ago at the MTC. Her dad presided over my friend Jen's mission back in the day. Small world, I say.

brent said...

Oh. Those shoes are pretty cute.

lilcis said...

wow, those shoes are AMAZING! lucky girl!

f*bomb. said...

Those shoes are hooker hot.
I TOTALLY approve.

mary said...

Oh my. Please, please spill where you bought those shoes. I need them in my life.

k8 said...

it's a little place in the South End called Zapatos. on the corner of Albany and something. It's a totally 'last chance' kind of store with all kinds of great deals on weird stuff. we love it.