Monday, May 12, 2008

The Mondays

Highlights of today:

1. Long before I ever imagined I would work at my current brand I was pretty fascinated by the awesome turnaround made by our parent company a few years ago. My current boss was part of the team that made that happen and so that was one of the major reasons I was dying to get this job. The CEO who engineered that turnaround made a pretty rare appearance in our office today and I got to meet him. After years of reading about this company in general and him specifically, it was pretty awesome to get to shake his hand.

2. We had delicious burritos for dinner and BerryLime for dessert. Hooray for the resurgence of frozen yogurt.

3. Whitney and I went to see Cut Copy and it was MAGIC. This video is not great but if you watch until 1:30, you'll get the idea what the show was like. So. Much. Dancing.

But now I have to remember it's not Friday night and I'm not in college-off to bed!

1 comment:

Ems said...

that's awesome you met him! I believe I read an article about him in a magazine I found in your house once a year or so ago so very cool.