Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mi Madre

I had a friend come over to work on a project after church today and for lunch I made some pasta and a salad. Very simple meal because frankly, I am not much of a cook.

I blame my mother. She never taught me to cook, or to sew or to clean. She didn't make my prom dress or put valentine's day notes in our lunches. But from my mother I learned that music sounds better the louder it gets, that it's OK to spend an entire afternoon reading because the dishes aren't going anywhere, that pink isn't really my color but red really is, that a boy can be 25% more attractive if he's wearing good cologne, that crepes are the best way to finish a dinner party, that sometimes it's not OK to quit (the track team halfway through the season) and sometimes it actually is (AP French when I had stretched myself way too thin), that my relationship with God is mine alone, that Dan Fogelberg is not a weenie, that even when money is really tight sometimes you just take your sad daughter to the Harry Connick anyway, and that little girls who are encouraged to do whatever THEY want with their lives grow up to be pretty amazing, accomplished women.

I figured out the cleaning thing on my own, I can sew on a button in a pinch and I have managed to feed myself several times a day for 31 years and have even pulled off a Thanksgiving feast or two so I'm pretty sure my mom taught me the really important stuff.

Happy Mother's Day Jaynie Pants.


Dainon. said...

She got it all right, I think ... except for Dan Fogelberg. He really is a weenie.

Jayne said...

Thank you my dear - it was lovely day thanks to my combined offspring!

And, if you do some research Dainon - you may find that he was a remarkable musician by most musicians' standards.