Friday, May 23, 2008

Some things

We are getting out of work early today. It's possible my brain is already gone. Here are some things to keep all of us occupied until this three day weekend gets started!

My friend Chloe introduced me to Schuyler Fisk last fall and she has become one of my favorite sing along in the car artists

She was once on an episode of Law and Order:SVU so I love her all the more.

Thispost by my sister made me laugh out loud.

I got to babysit this ridiculously cute child this week. I do hope I get one of my own someday. Although I said I wanted one at church on Sunday and the boy sitting next to me said, "oh good, just what a guy wants to hear." I didn't say I wanted it today!

My friend Dainon sent over this song today

I'm afraid it might actually be true that they just don't write them like they used to. Let us not forget that tune provided the inspiration for one of the greatest scenes in 80's teen movie history

Honestly, if ever there was a movie begging to be remade with the RIGHT ending...

I had to edit this to add a link my friend Jed sent today. I have no words

Boston is having a monster free concert at the Hatch Shell tomorrow. Cake, The BoDeans and The English Beat will all be there. Summer IS starting!


CoCo said...

What?! The BoDeans! Is it your birthday?! Please think of me when/if they play fade away (I won't make you call me for the performance).

Whits said...

whoa whoa whoa. are you suggesting pretty in pink end with andie and duckie together? did you know they did that originally and everyone hated it in the screen testing and they changed it?

I'm a fan of the Blaine-Andie combo. even though it didn't make much sense.

k8 said...

i'm sure in the 80's everyone was rooting for Blaine and Andi so they hated the ending. But then all those kids grew up and discovered that the guys like blaine grew up to be boring douchebags and the guys like duckie turned out to be far more intersting adults. plus blaine looks like an AIDS victim in the prom scene!

AP said...

I'm going to have to agree with K8 on this one. Duckie rules.

Ashley said...

Schuyler Fisk is cool for a couple of other reasons--she's Sissy Spacek's daughter, and she was Colin Hanks's girlfriend in Orange County. But SVU? That definitely ups the cool quotient.

And she has a great voice.

Hope you're well.

I am moving back to SLC. Story later.

Brew 2 said...

Okay, seriously about the Usher video. How is that even possible. I vow to watch it everyday for the next month. Wowweee!

p.s. you're the

Rookie Dad said...

I'm sort of glad I can truthfully say that I don't know Blaine, Andie or Duckie . . .

. . . but I do know "Try a Little Tenderness." Check out the soundtrack to the movie "The Commitments" for another great version of this song.