Friday, February 02, 2007

When in Rome

I am at a trade show in Las Vegas this week. Being neither drinker nor gambler, and because a typical day in the booth lasts about 10 hours, I usually go out for quiet dinners with a coworker or two and call it a night. But this evening there was a particularly fun group assembled, with some fun new hires since our last show so I figured I would fight through the sleepiness that comes from getting up at 5:30 a.m. and go play.

The great thing about Vegas is that there is an endless supply of beautifully designed, really fantastic restaurants. You can walk around the forum for an hour looking for a place without an absurd line and still end up somewhere with great atmostphere and center cut ahi tuna that completely knocks your socks off. Somewhere that offers doughnut holes ON THE DESSERT MENU and they come out hot with a side of chocolate sauce for dipping. Ah the joys of an expense account.

Afterwards the guys decide that we should head over to the Hard Rock because it's only midnight and they aren't done drinking. I was tired but have never been able to bail if there if any remote possibility of fun being had without me so off we went. We get to the hotel, the two guys from our taxi disappear into the bar and one of the girls and I wait outside for the rest of our group. I yawn. I get caught yawning by a couple of gentlemen walking towards the exit, one of whom says to me, "come on now, none of that, this is Las Vegas for cryin' out loud." I'm a wee bit of a flirt so I make some smart remark about how late it was and how drunk I wasn't. The guys tells me I need a little spin to wake me up. He hands his drink to my friend, takes my hand and twirls me around. I ask him if that was really supposed to do anything. Before I have a chance to say anything else he grabs me around the waist, lifts me off the ground, turns me upside down and then sets me back on the ground. He looks at be and says, "feel better?". My friend Tram's mouth is wide open, I say "um, actually yes," as our other friends walk up and ask what's going on. The guys try to tell us that the bar here is dead and we should go with them to Tao. We politely decline and shuffle off to find the guys. As we walk away, Tram says to me, "you know those guys right?" "No." "You mean that was just some random guy??" "Yup." "Wow." "Yeah, wow."
Vegas baby. Vegas.


aporitic said...

Here's a little tip, Katie-O:

When you're only a wee-bit tall (as you are), and when you only weigh nothin'-and-a-half (as you do), it's generally not a good idea to go to one of those dwarf-tossing bars (drunk or not).

Rod Clifford said...

Finally, you're getting into this living life business. Have fun, kid.