Tuesday, February 06, 2007


So here's how it works.

Saturday night I lose my wallet. After cancelling all my cards, putting a fraud alert of my credit report and making an appointment at the DMV for a new driver's license I go to the gas station. There is a five dollar bill laying on the ground when I pull up. It's only a five and it's cash-certainly no one is coming back for this money. But I think to myself, it's still not my money and the person who lost it probably experienced at least some degree of frustration. So I take it in to the attendent. I do realize he probably put it right into his pocket but I felt like there would be something really wrong with me raging against the world for the potential theft of my wallet and then keeping that money.

Yesterday I went to the bank to get cash because really no one takes checks anymore and I have neither credit card nor debit card and thus, no money. This morning I went to the DMV, took the writing test, passed the eye test (roast on you California because I actually need glasses), got my picture taken and walked out with a temporary license.

Five minutes ago the movie theater called to tell me THEY FOUND MY WALLET. Money and credit cards still inside.

Thank you My Name is Earl for teaching me the principle of Karma.


CoCo said...

This is fantastic news! Mainly b/c it means we no longer have to boycott any of our outings to said theater. (Honestly, we haven't had the best of luck there, so I was getting worried.) :)

k8 said...

i know! i am so relieved! but let's pick a better movie next!

gretel said...

oh awesome! that's great news.

sugarcube said...

I got out of the car a few nights ago and saw two people who had mugging potential, and I thought about putting my wallet and pod back in my car and locking it because at that moment I decided that I would rather have the crap beat out of me than have my crap stolen.

Therefore, I sympathize for your temporary loss and rejoice in your regaining.

Miss Hass said...


Kelly said...

Oh hooray! All of the steps you've taken since then were such a pain, I'm sure, but what a relief.