Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lazy Jane

Whitney already wrote the post I was getting around to putting up.

What you should learn from our adventures is that you should always say yes to mud pie, the beach at sunset, thursday nights in front of the TV and these:

That is all.


Whits said...

haha! I'm so honored you linked my post. :D I really wanted to see yours too but I suppose I just used all the pics you would have put up anyway. hahaha. Miss you!

CoCo said...

and don't think I'm not linking to BOTH of your posts. I too had intended to throw up a pic of my fav (hot hot shoes!). :)

f*bomb. said...

Any shoes that make your legs look like a hooker's are TOTALLY down in my book!
Thanks for that link to Whitney's post- now I'm a little ashamed for never shopping on Main...I think I need to vacation with you sometime.