Friday, February 16, 2007

Weekly Roundup

The internet has been a real treasure trove this week so as a prelude to the glorious three day weekend ahead (perfect weather forecasted for Southern California), I present the best of my web travels this week.

My friend Damian wrote one of the loveliest Valentine's Day posts ever. In the running for "best human", Mr. D is as always, both hilarious and wise.

You need to have speakers to appreciate this ninja and maybe don't watch it at work. But watch it. And weep.

Cindy posted a list of television crushes, all of whom I wholeheartedly endorse.

It might help if you know the people involved but this might be funny anyway.

Lee, please write more of these.

As all the coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's death has me convinced that celebrity worship has finally hit rock rock bottom, I was glad to see this and know that I'm not alone.

This is perhaps the cutest blog in all of blogdom.

And finally, it's been a dramatic few weeks in my hometown of SLC. Amid the tragedy of the Trolley Square shootings, I'm relieved that an old friend was safely returned to his family.

Happy President's Day everyone. I have several fun posts on the way but this weekend I intend to just enjoy this.

Living here never gets old.


Cindy said...

That's so crazy that you know someone who has been kidnapped in Iraq. I'm glad he's safe. What a great story to be able to tell people!

I must confess, I'm addicted to the Anna Nicole Smith story.

Manfoom said...

thanks for the shout about.

k8 said...

thanks for writing something to shout about.

sugarcube said...

I'll try.