Thursday, February 15, 2007

Run Away

Valentine's Day never really bothers me as much as it seems to bother alot of single women. Although I have my depresso days about being alone, I like my life and I like my singleness.

So last night I decided I would celebrate the holiday by taking advantage of one of my favorite perks of living single-a schedule that is completely my own. I drove home the long way along PCH, played my music too loud, goofed around for awhile when I got home and then bypassed the chick flick/calorie fest my roommates were having and went to the gym for the hard workout I've been looking forward to for days.

It turns out that the gym can be a soul crushing place on Valentine's Day for even the most confident variety of female. I live in a beach town. In Southern California. My gym is mere blocks from the water. It is ALWAYS full. ALWAYS.
But not on Valentine's Day. Apparently I am the only gym-going female in Huntington Beach who did not have plans last night. Because it was me, two trainers, a desk attendent and about seven weird dudes lifting weights. I think there are more people in there on Christmas Eve. I had my best run since the Half-Marathon because all I could think was, "really? I'm the ONLY one???? I know sometimes I FEEL like I'm the last single girl in America but AM I??"

I hate the gym.


sugarcube said...

Larry Bird or John Stockton or Pistol Pete Maravich or someone else once said something like, "Whenever I am not practicing, someone else is and they are getting better."

While you might wonder that you were the only girl without a boytoy on Valentines, you were not. You were, however, the only one who decided "F___ that, I'm going to the gym," while the others were doing things like crying in their brownie sundaes and watching movies about unrealistic romances, you were getting in better shape (not that you need it). Shame on them.

k8 said...

someone in Utah please give sugarcube a kiss on the mouth for me.

cropstar5 said...

k8 I had the same idea as you and expected to be the only one at the gym on Valentine's Day... but I guess people in Vegas are more pathetic (or just blissfully independant) because my gym was packed. So just know that there are plenty of us singletons out there... we're all just at my gym.
cheers, christy

sugarcube said...


pinetreesummer said...

I had to wait until I was 53 to have a nice Valentine's. Go look at my Blog. :)

although I really REALLY need to get back to the gym.