Sunday, April 30, 2006

I Think Of You On Cold Winter Mornings

I don't know if it's become apparent yet but I am something of a music fiend. Pretty much from the minute I get up in the morning until I finally shut my lights off at night, I am listening to something. The sheer volume of songs I hear in a given week means that I have a new favorite approximately every 4.7 days. But lately there is a song that just won't seem to go away-it's on CD's I make for the car, it's in my iPod, I have been putting it on compilations for friends-I can't leave it alone. So I feel it my duty to share it with all of you. I present Trains to Brazil by a little band called The Guillemots.

Now a word of caution before you listen to that track. Where exactly are you? At school? At work? Lounging at home? Because this is not just an ordinary song, this is a song that you will feel with the part of your soul that wants to walk straight out the front door of your office and get on the next plane to Rio. Or the part that wants to check the kids out of school and head to Disneyland. The part that wants to just plant one right on the girl you've been "friends" with for three years. This song is joyful, it's exhilarating, it's impossible to contain. So if you are sitting in a cubicle right now, five feet away from some office drone staring at his computer and counting the minutes until the next smoke break, I just want to prepare you for the fact that you just might be compelled out of your chair and into his office space like the protagonist of some Old Navy commercial run amok in corporate america. If you are in the deadly serious computer lab at your University, you may find yourself inciting an impromptu dance-athon right there under the disapproving eye of the IT guy. And be careful there soccer mom, you'll put this on the "carpool mix" and while your teenagers might roll their eyes all the way from band practice to karate lessons, they'll try to steal it later.

And if you need further proof, my roommate just this moment came down the stairs, pricked her ears for a moment and proceeded to dance her way from the bathroom to the kitchen and back up to her room again-complete with finger snapping and a giant cheesy grin.

This song can't be stopped. Don't be left behind.


gretel said...

awesome! sitting on my floor and shaking my booty now! i saw that song this weekend on the internet somewhere.
thanks for this good tune! :)

Miss Hass said...

I LOVE that song too!

jay said...

i find the other song called 'who left the lights off, baby?' is even more good than 'trains to brazil.'

k8 said...

i don't think i have that one...i shall go asearching!

k8 said...

roast. I do have it."who left the lights off baby" is the first guillmots track i heard. from leaf and lime.


jay said...

yeah. i was leaf and limed with that one before trains to b-zil. i likes it lots.

gretel said...

it is true jay. i was listening to that song today and didn't hear when my colleague was calling me as my phone was ringing..
duh! but what a great song - i really love the album.
it sounds like summer!