Monday, April 10, 2006


To steal a phrase from the girls in San Francisco "unexpected visits are the new awesome".

I was driving home from work on Friday feeling a little homesick for Boston. I am so happy to be back in California and I really do love it, but I miss my friends back East. I haven't developed that circle of go-to friends yet here and I was a little bummed out that I would probably end up going to a movie or something by myself.

But then! I got an out of the blue phone call from Mandy in San Diego

saying that Kimberly was in town from D.C. and they would be Orange County later if I wanted to play.

So I met up with the two of them and Mandy's cool boyfriend Ryan at The Yardhouse and ended up talking until 1:15 in the morning.

The next day my newly marrieds Andy and Emily Kane showed up

They were sunburned in funny places after spending some quality honeymoon time in Mexico. So they showered carefully and I even let Em be an honorary Clifford for the night. Then we headed out to make quick work of a bunch of sushi

I like to think of sushi as very integral to my relationship with the Kanes. Emily and I were the resident sushi fiends among our friends in Boston and then the first time I thought perhaps Andy had designs on my friend was the night she helped him make approximately 10 tons of sushi for his metrosexual coming out party last summer.

We went to Cold Stone afterwards because that is what Mormons do. We eat ice cream.

And then we came home to watch whatever was still in our Tivo from the last week. And I noticed that Emily and I really are twins

I love that I moved 3000 miles away and they got married and not one thing has changed. Three cheers for dear friends!


bets said...

Look at that! My new best friend Emily is on the internet!

bex said...

that really IS the new awesome